The Sermons

Pastor Clyde’s sermons come from the heart and are best enjoyed in person. Of course, if you can’t make it, they are often available to reference on the church’s Facebook page.

You’ll find that Pastor Clyde engages the biblical text and proclaims the gospel in his sermons. He delivers with a passion for the word of God and connects it to God’s people.

The sermons are unique and well organized. The lessons given in Pastor Clyde’s sermons are easily adapted to improve our daily lives. The sermon delivery is thought-provoking and relevant to everyone who attends.

He has a way of taking the word of God and bringing it into your life in a way that is perfectly timed to help you with whatever your struggles are. You’ll walk away refreshed, enlightened and blissful.

Bethel Fellowship Church

104 N Vernonia Rd 

St. Helens OR 97051

Phone: (503) 438-5824

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